Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Competition entries, Branwyn and Pepper

2 competition entries based on characters by 2 inspirational artists, Branwyn and Pepper belong to Jenny Dolfen and Artgerm.


Gettin' Girly

Monday, 28 April 2008

Cyfle Digital Animation!

I recently started a 3 month work placement at Cyfle in Cardiff Bay, our aim is to have a fully finished, tv and festival ready digitally animated short film by the end of the course.
These are some of the concept designs I contributed to our pre production stages of 'Moon Pirates,'

Random fan art and late introduction

For a bit of fun, some fan art of Remy, because he is amazing, and my life up until about 2 months ago, stuck in a job I hated, trying to get my first animation job.

BTW, this is me, sort of, the pointy ears are an optional badge of geekness that cartoon me wears proudly.


Some sketches: A competition entry showing Sophitia and Voldo from Soul-blade, olds school version!
A condeptual sketch of Melian of Tolkien's Silmarillion,
Another life drawing dump in col-erase pencil and a valentines pic, originally entitled 'bugger the card...give me the money.'

life drawing

Some life drawing from the past few months, though I can no longer get to a class *sigh* its always fun.
All pictures posted with model's permissions, Except the skeleton... but he has no say.