Thursday, 12 June 2008

Moon Pirates Update

Hello, been busy at Cyfle with the guys, we're in the last 2 weeks of our time on the course and our film Moon Pirates.
I've been working on some backgrounds, which are always fun, and bashing up that ship (designed by me and modeled in maya by the marvelous CG Ben and Matt) was very therapeutic.


Here is the final promo-poster for MOON PIRATES!! Designed by James White, who also illustrated the characters, and Allyn Thomas our director, who did the background (notice how much my ship got shrunken down up in the corner, lol!)

Below are some pictures of all our wonderful selves working away at Cyfle, posing with our characters (because sometimes you just have to,) discussing our work in progress animation with talented stop motion animator Tim Allen, and finally at the very bottom, at a production meeting with Rick villeneuve.

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