Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Cyfle gone, unemployed, sad and missing moon pirates.

The 2D Moon Pirates (and Roz!) and other great friends, artists (and now former Cyfle trainees) at the KANGAZANG Book Launch. Kangazang is the first book by author and artist Terry cooper (the beer rest at the front). Terry was also the voice artist for Moon Pirates, and an amazing one, taking on all the characters for the English language version of MOON PIRATES!

Well Cyfle kicked us out a week and a half ago now (though we've still been going in to finish the Welsh dub of Moon Pirates, and to generally use Cyfle's offices as a base for scouting around Cardiff for work.)

It's a real pain that we cant have the film on the net at the moment because of the requirements of most of the festivals that we are planning on entering it too, so trying to use it to get work when it isn't on the net is... difficult, looks like anyone who MIGHT have animation/art work going is going to get bombarded with Moon Pirate dvd's because I don't know if I have the stamina any more to work a full summer holiday looking after children! I am missing Cyfle, both the work and the company that came with it.

In the meanwhile, here is something to keep me ticking over, the awesome Balrog from LOTR in London.

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